Minecraft Programming: How to Use Minecraft Python API and Spigot

From the book:
Learn to Program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson

  1.  Open Spigot by clicking Start_Server.
  2. Open Minecraft and connect to the Spigot server by selecting Minecraft Python World from mulitplayer menu.
  3. Hit ESC on your keyboard to free your cursor from the Minecraft window, and then open a Python shell in IDLE. Make sure you are running Python 3!

You’ll need to have these three pieces of software open whenever your write programs that interact with Minecraft.

Then enter the following into your shell:

from mcip.minecraft import Minecraft

mc = Minecraft.create()

Minecraft Cheatsheet

How do I fly?

If you press the space bar once you will jump. Double-tap the space bar and you will fly.

How do I move?

To move forward, press the “w” key.
To move backward, press the “s” key.
To strafe, or move sideways, to the left, press the “a.”
To strafe to the right, the default key is “d.”
To jump, press the spacebar.