Attack of the WordPress Spambots

An interesting thing happened when I started this blog.  The minute after I hit publish on my first post I had already gotten a comment. Wait, what?

I guessed it was a strange coincidence.

Then another comment came in.

Two seconds later there was another, and then another.

Had I become an overnight blogging superstar?

Yeah, right.

Two Fast Tips to Help with WordPress Spambots

The comments stopped rolling in immediately after I activate the Cookies for Comments plugin. Truth be told it did take me forever and a day to finally get around to activating Akismet so I don’t blame you if it ends up being the last thing on your list either.

So, why on earth are they spamming us?

Good question! According to Wpbeginner, “They want to get a better pagerank or lure unsuspecting visitors to dubious and malicious sites. They think that by spamming they can get more links and it will some how positively affect their pagerank. It is nothing personal against you for the most part, and many blogs face this issue, you are not the only one.” [Source]