You are going to be overwhelmed by everything you need to learn and that is okay

Learning how to be a Code Goat can feel really overwhelming sometimes. There are so many things that you need to learn and cram into your brain and unfairly none of these things are going to come easy to you. There will be dark days where you are going to look around at the ‘Programming Sheep’ who were born with the superpower that allows them to understand the logistics of coding with ease and you are going to look down at your computer and ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself.

Why would you attempt to do something so hard?

The answer is you became a Code Goat because you knew it wasn’t going to be easy! You became a Code Goat because nothing worth doing is easy.

I mean, you could stop right now and just decide to be a ‘cut & paste programmer’ for the rest of your life or you can accept that becoming competent¬† at anything takes a lot of time and practice and as unfair as it is, for some people the amount of time and practice it takes to become competent is just going to take a lot longer then it is for others.

So don’t give up! You’ve got this. You’ll get there.

I believe in you.

Plus, you are not doing it alone. You’ve got me! So, if you ever are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to listen you always can leave me a comment below.