You are going to be overwhelmed by everything you need to learn and that is okay

Learning how to be a Code Goat can feel really overwhelming sometimes. There are so many things that you need to learn and cram into your brain and unfairly none of these things are going to come easy to you. There will be dark days where you are going to look around at the ‘Programming Sheep’ who were born with the superpower that allows them to understand the logistics of coding with ease and you are going to look down at your computer and ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself.

Why would you attempt to do something so hard?

The answer is you became a Code Goat because you knew it wasn’t going to be easy! You became a Code Goat because nothing worth doing is easy.

I mean, you could stop right now and just decide to be a ‘cut & paste programmer’ for the rest of your life or you can accept that becoming competent¬† at anything takes a lot of time and practice and as unfair as it is, for some people the amount of time and practice it takes to become competent is just going to take a lot longer then it is for others.

So don’t give up! You’ve got this. You’ll get there.

I believe in you.

Plus, you are not doing it alone. You’ve got me! So, if you ever are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to listen you always can leave me a comment below.

Attack of the WordPress Spambots

An interesting thing happened when I started this blog.  The minute after I hit publish on my first post I had already gotten a comment. Wait, what?

I guessed it was a strange coincidence.

Then another comment came in.

Two seconds later there was another, and then another.

Had I become an overnight blogging superstar?

Yeah, right.

Two Fast Tips to Help with WordPress Spambots

The comments stopped rolling in immediately after I activate the Cookies for Comments plugin. Truth be told it did take me forever and a day to finally get around to activating Akismet so I don’t blame you if it ends up being the last thing on your list either.

So, why on earth are they spamming us?

Good question! According to Wpbeginner, “They want to get a better pagerank or lure unsuspecting visitors to dubious and malicious sites. They think that by spamming they can get more links and it will some how positively affect their pagerank. It is nothing personal against you for the most part, and many blogs face this issue, you are not the only one.” [Source]

Separating the Non-Programming Goats from Programming Sheep

Look, I am going to be straight with you Dear Internet. I do not enjoy blogging. I am not a blogger.

My spelling is pretty horrible and my grasp of grammar is even worse.

I rely on my emotional intuition in my day-to-day life more then I do logical sequence. I get easily frustrated with the most simple visual puzzles and I find the concept of organization a struggle.

The only reason this blog even exists is because that it was ‘highly suggested’ to me that writing a blog talking about my trials and tribulations with programming and computer science would end up being helpful to me by allowing me to place my random thoughts about it in one place and also so that you Dear Internet could correct me by telling me how idiotic those thoughts sound sometimes.

Excuse me, we have to stop for a moment Dear Internet as I can see someone has their hand raised in the back of the room with a question.

“Why is this blog called ‘Teaching a Goat to Code'”, you ask?

For those of you who missed it, back in July 2006 the site Coding Horror published a post that would eventually become ‘Internet infamous’ called: Separating Programming Sheep from Non-Programming Goats.

The 30 second summary goes something like this….the act of programming seems literally unteachable to a sizable subset of incoming computer science students because they are unable to blindly follow its meaningless rules and come to some meaningless conclusion.

I am the textbook definition of a ‘non-programming goat’.

I also want to learn computer science.

So, if you are a natural-born mathematical genius whose everyday thinking can be broken down sequentially into Boolean logic then this blog will probably slowly drive you insane with its constant struggle to blindly follow meaningless rules to come to some meaningless conclusion.

But the good news is that the majority of computer coding blogs were written by ‘Programming Sheep’ just like you. It talks to you with your way of thinking and perceiving the world in mind.

This blog is different. It is being written for my fellow ‘Non-Programming Goats’ so they can have a window into the world of someone who thinks the way that they do. Naturally non-linear, with a hate of the sequential and a dislike of using Boolean logic in an emotionally ‘grey-area’ world.

Enough talk Dear Internet, it’s time for us to start the experiment.

Can a goat be taught how to code? 

I don’t mean just copying programs out of a book and running them. I mean actually understanding computer science in all its majestic glory.

Let me know what you think about this subject in the comments.