Adventures of My Pet Bit: What is a bit?

So what exactly is a pet bit anyhow? Well, to tell you the whole truth bit is just a nickname. Your pet’s full name is actually binary digit. People just say bit because it is easier and faster to say.


Bit may not have a physical human body like you and I do but that does not mean that your bit isn’t real or that it can’t communicate with you. Unfortunately there is going to be a very big problem that you and your bit are going to have to find a way to solve. Bit’s ability to communicate with you is very, very limited. Since bit does not have a physical human body like us it is unable to use its voice to speak. So although bit is trying its hardest right now to communicate the best bit can do on its own to do this is to change its colour from black into red.

Luckily,  bits are very social by nature and their absolute favourite thing in the world to do is to hang out in large groups in order for them to be able to communicate with us! 

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