Intermediate C Programming Topics

  1. Program to assign values to an array [Flowchart | Code]
  2. Program to read elements in an array and print the array [Flowchart | Code]
  3. Program to print an array in reverse order [Flowchart | Chart]
  4. Program to calculate sum of array [Flowchart | Code]
  5. Program to calculate average of array [Flowchart | Code]
  6. Program to find largest element in an array [Flowchart | Code]
  7. Program to find the smallest element in an array [Flowchart | Code]
  8. Program to insert an element into an array [Flowchart | Code]
  9. Program to delete an element from the specified location in array [Flowchart | Code]
  10. Program to fill an array with squared numbers [Flowchart | Code]
  11. Program to use sequential search for an element in an array [Flowchart | Code]



  1. Program to read month number and display month name
  2. Program for a Menu-Driven Program to perform a simple calculation.
  3. Program to read any Month Number in integer and display the number of days for this month.
  4. Program to read any digit, display in the word.
  5. Program to read any day number in integer and display day name in the word.
  1. Program to print your number (with functions) [Code]
  2. Program to print your number (with y/n option) [Code]